Employsure is part of the Peninsula Group of Companies, who have been providing employment law consultancy services and related insurance to businesses for almost thirty years

Employsure was established in response to the growth in workplace regulations over recent years, which has left employers burdened with a confusing set of obligations. Without expert advice, businesses are left at risk of being tied up in lengthy and costly legal processes if they get things wrong.

Businesses, particularly SMEs, were not being well served by existing advice sources. They were typically paying large fees for day to day advice, often at a rate that was disproportionate to the issues at hand and were receiving advice that lacked a practical edge. Then, if they faced a claim, they were left with the prospect of spiralling legal bills and at risk of hefty fines and compensation for not getting things right.

We have set up a new model, unique to Australia but widely used by businesses in the UK and USA, which provides businesses with a comprehensive workplace relations advice service. This service is to help businesses manage the risks that they face and to protect them in the event of a claim. For an affordable annual fee, our clients receive a complete audit of their workplace documentation, unlimited professional advice on workplace relations issues, expert representation in courts and tribunals, and comprehensive insurance cover if they face a claim.

No other business in Australia offers the level of protection provided by Employsure. To learn more about Employsure you can visit their website at www.employsure.com.au.